The Wave

bon coin rencontre coquine Many, many years ago, I was your typical high school graduate starting out in the world. I was enrolled in college. I had, at least, the first few years of my life planned out. Like they say, the world is your oyster!

Plus d'informations They just never say how many times life’s ocean waves will sweep away your oyster shell just when it is within reach. There are times when I feel as if I have spent my life in a vast ocean riding in on a surfboard. Most days, I am right on course to hit land, where my plan is to lay back and catch some rays when I arrive. There are times, I am changing course midstream, trying to ride out massive waves and just hoping that I am not thrown too far from my surfboard when I am knocked over. There are those moments when I have been totally thrown off course and it is taking me everything that I have just to find out where I am on my compass.

I am still in awe of how many waves this thing called “life” has and how many times I get to decide whether I am going to paddle or let the current take me where it may, sink or swim, drown or live, jump off or ride the wave through to the beach. Where ever I go and however I get there, I know that it will be an adventure.

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